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Q. How is cold linked with bone and joint disabilities?

Asked anonymously   on 14th Feb, 22
Team member of Wholistic Center

Some studies have discovered a strong link between arthritis flare-ups and short, chilly, moist days. They suggest that a change in barometric pressure leads the muscle, ligaments, and surrounding structures to expand. The limited amount of space inside the body causes joint and bone pain.

The theory is that cold weather causes tissues to shrink, straining the nerve endings and resulting in joint discomfort. Your nerve endings become particularly sensitive to the cold, and the muscles protecting your nerves stiffen up.

When the barometric pressure drops, it decreases the pressure to hold the tissues back, causing them to swell, resulting in joint pain.

If your bone and joint pain has been troubling you, please visit Dr. Saurabh Taleker, a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon in Vashi, Mumbai. He is a specialist who diagnoses problems, performs or prescribes treatments, and assists with rehabilitation and tips to prevent further injury.

Q. What is the cost of knee replacement surgery?

Asked anonymously   on 31st Jan, 22
Team member of Wholistic Center

The cost of knee replacement surgery can vary due to the following factors

  • Pre existing Diseases
  • Degree of deformity
  • Severity of Arthritis
  • Type of implant used(Details of the same can be discussed with the surgeon)
  • Hospital setup where surgery is performed

(We recommend performing this at a center that has a modern Operation Theater setup, a good team of Super-specialist Doctors, and a good ICU backup)

As per the Variables, it can cost you anywhere between 150000 to 700000 Rs. After evaluating a patient in detail we would provide you with an approximate estimate before getting admitted for planned surgery.

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