How can I cure my back pain

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 1st Feb, 23

Dr Saurabh Talekar one of the best Orthopaedic Doctors in mumbai writes about the modern days pandemic of mechanical back pain


Tips to Prevent Osteoporosis

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 17th Jun, 22

If you have osteoporosis, lifestyle modifications and treatment can help prevent further bone loss and fractures. Dr. Saurabh Talekar offers advanced and result-oriented treatment for osteoporosis in Vashi, Navi Mumbai . He is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Vashi,Navi Mumbai. Consult at 9136363669

Hip Replacement

Physical Therapy Guide to Total Hip Replacement

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 24th May, 22

Arthroplasty or Total Hip Replacement is a surgical procedure. It’s usually opted when conservative treatments do not provide you the required relief to carry out your day-to-day activities.


Everything You Need to Know About Fractures

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 23rd Apr, 22

What exactly does a fracture mean? What are the different types of fractures? Are all fractures Curable? Know everything that you wanted to know about fractures from Dr. Saurabh Talekar, one of the best orthopedic doctor in Kandivali, Mumbai,

Total Hip Replacement

What to expect from Total Hip Replacement?

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 17th Apr, 22

If medications, lifestyle changes, and walking aids fail to relieve your hip pain, your orthopedic doctor in Vashi may propose a hip replacement. Dr. Saurabh Talekar offers reliable and result-oriented hip replacement in Kandivali, Mumbai. He is a proficient orthopedic surgeon in Kandivali, Mumbai specializing in advanced hip surgery. Consult at 9136363669

Bone Fractures

The Causes, Types, Symptoms And Treatment Of Bone Fractures

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 7th Mar, 22

Have you had a recent fall after which you experience a lot of pain when using or moving your arm or leg? Please consult with Dr. Saurabh Talekar, an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon in Kandivali, Mumbai , to check if you have fractured a bone. (Phone: +91-9136363669)

Joint pain

Winter is here! Tips to keep your bones and joints healthy this winter

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 5th Feb, 22

Have you noticed that your bone and joint pain is significantly worse in winter? Dr. Saurabh Taleker, an eminent orthopedic doctor in Kandivali, says the cold temperature can make your nerve endings extremely sensitive

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement - Myths and Facts

Saurabh Taleker
Created on 26th Jan, 22

Do you find it difficult to walk, climb the stairs, or get in and out of chairs? Please consult with Dr. Saurabh Talekar, a renowned knee replacement surgeon in Kandivali, Mumbai to know if you need to undergo a TKR, Total knee replacement surgery.

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